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How we started

Hi, I'm Brad Goodwin. I install TV antennas, wall mount TV's and install home theatre systems.

I started off as a franchisee of 1 of the largest antenna franchise systems in Australia. I was a franchisee from mid 2008 to mid 2012, 4 years of hard work slogging it out all over Brisbane, Moreton Bay council region and the Sunshine Coast. Things were running well until my wife got sick and I couldn't get out and work properly. In the end something had to give, and to begin with it was my nice shiny new work van, a Hyundai iLoad, that had to go! However, that wasn't enough & with an unsympathetic franchisor and monthly franchise fees that were unrelenting, getting out of hand, I surrendered the franchise. 

Worrying times ahead! 

So on the 1st of June 2012 Brad Goodwins Digital Antenna Installations was born. I am now know as Goodwin Digital AV. To start with, It's a hell of a lot easier to say, but more importantly this business name suggests more than just antennas as my field of expertise. So with this new direction and flexibility in working hours and where I travel too, I was able to start fresh. We wont talk about the stress and legal threats that came with leaving a large franchise system! I now do not travel to the south-side or Brisbane's western suburbs. 

The Hard Slog

I knew going it alone was always going to be hard work. No longer did I have franchise fees going into advertising, I had to do this all myself. I had to learn everything outside of being on the tools. Facebook, online advertising, Google, getting found, selling yourself! I soon learnt that "talking yourself up" is part of the job. I created my own website, you're on it now. It didn't look like this in the beginning, it's been a work in progress. I have had no input from anyone for this website, only what I have learnt from online. Every photo on this website was taken by me, except this big picture of me, that was taken by a customer, up on his roof at Mt Mee. I see competitor websites that have professional photography shots of home theatre rooms, media rooms, TV wall mount installations that have simply been ripped of the internet. Not cool! 

Going Strong

I'm up to 9 years now, of local area knowledge (When it comes to TV reception, local area knowledge is worth it's weight in gold), that's 4 as a franchisee and 6 years on my own servicing the greatest place on earth, this wonderful little spot that's wedged in between Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast. Moreton Bay region. In the end, leaving the franchise was the best decision, we haven't looked back. We, as in my family too, we've all been on this ride together!  


What do I do, I take care & have pride. That's the 1st thing I do. When installing TV antennas I like to pay attention to the smaller details, the part of the installation that wouldn't get thought about if doing a "rushed" job. Installing antennas is not a race. I believe it's an art, some would say "black arts" Electricians usually! My TV wall mounting installations is a open and transparent process, my customers have a thorough understanding of what the end result will be.  

Your 1 stop service solution

Goodwin Digital AV can recommend, design, sell and install your next home theatre system. We have accounts setup with major suppliers that allow me to sell the good stuff direct to you. Brands we connect with include, Yamaha, Samsung, TCL & Krix speakers. I install what I sell!

Friendly Disposition  

I hope you will find me easy going and relaxing to deal with, nothing will be too much trouble, unless it just cant be done, which I will tell you honestly. Honesty is my number 1 rule! Break it, tell you, fix it. Sometimes things break, like roof tiles. I will be your best tradesman guaranteed! 

Because I Love it

I didn't realise this at the time but as a kid, I was always the 1 who had to reset all the neighbours VCR clocks after the power came back on. I was the one that was tasked with tuning in friends and family's new TV's. Remember the old thumb wheels and the little dip switch's. I was in training for what I do now! I do this because I have a family to feed, a mortgage to pay, kids to get through school & because I love it!

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