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Bribie Island TV Antenna Installations

Installing antennas all over the greatest place on earth........

Bribie Island!!!!

Hi there! I'm Brad, your local TV antenna installation specialist. Think you might be in need of a new TV antenna. With 10 years local area knowledge and using the latest in digital reception testing technology I am very well placed to get your TV reception working perfectly.

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When you call me into look at your TV reception issues I will give you a honest & free quote. I'll show you my meter and help you understand what all the number mean and what needs to be achieved. Open, honest and transparent - that's me to a tee! 


Not every job needs a new TV antenna, I'll only recommend a new digital antenna if it's really required. 


Bribie Island is a beautiful place to live, for us humans, not so good for your TV antenna. For the past 10 years I've been installing new digital antennas all over the island with most replacements required due to corrosion. Older antennas have a lot of steel and non UV stabilised plastics in their construction which greatly reduces there longevity and with our harsh Aussie sun and the sea right at our door step this process is accelerated.  


I'll look for the most economical way to get your TV reception working perfectly. Maybe your TV antenna needs to be relocated, or your splitter's corroded, damaged cables can be another thing to look for. What ever it is that's causing the problems, I'll find it!


My digital antenna of choice is the Italian made Fracarro TV antenna. They come with a 3 year warranty or 4 years for the mighty Terza6HD digital TV antenna. Not only do I do TV antennas I can also install FM radio antennas & DAB+ Radio antennas. DAB+ is digital radio. I also do TV antenna upgrades and complete digital antennas installations for new homes. 


One piece of tech that I have at my disposal is the Masthead Amplifier. Masthead amplifer requirements can vary from job to job but what's most important these days is to get a Masthead amplifier with 4G LTE filtering capabilities.


Masthead amplfiers are only required when signal strength from the TV antenna is not strong enough or you have lots of TV points that require more signal strength. The TV antenna is still required to have suffienct signal quality. 


Sometimes a Masthead amplfier is all that's required to get your digital TV reception working perfectly.  



Need an extra TV point, or 10? With the right equipment you can have as many TV points as you want. Before I install additional TV points I test your antennas current performance to ensure there's enough capacity to service the new outlet/s. Having too many TV points without the required signal strenth can be detrimental to your exisintg TV points.

Why get me to install you new TV points? Becuase I have the right equipment to get the job done right, the 1st time! 

Goodwin Digital AV
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