Want to simplify your home entertainment experience!

Want to simplify your home entertainment viewing experience, then you want one of these. This is the Logitech universal smart remote. 

If you have several remotes that you have to juggle every time you watch TV one of these remotes will change all that. No more will you need to grab the TV or Foxtel remote to change channels, no more need to grab the AV receivers remote to turn up the volume and best of all, no need to grab all your remotes just to turn every thing on. A smart remote will do all this for you, simply and without confusion.

I can supply, program and give you the knowledge you need to use it. You don't need that much knowledge, these remotes are super easy to use. 


Goodwin Digital AV

Logitech Smart Remote | Universal remote

How many remotes have you got

I see this time and again. I go into a customers home to help out with their TV reception or home theatre issues & I see their coffee table covered with remotes. 1 for the TV, 1 for Foxtel, 1 for the Blu-ray player, the PVR, the T-Box and the list goes on. I can simplify this - with one remote. 

Logitech Harmony Ultimate

This Smart Remote's what I call 'Local" its local to your room with all your home entertainment equipment. It needs to be used in this room and no where else. Its just like all your other remotes in that regard. Its the only way it just like your other remotes. The power of these Smart Remote's are simply amazing.

Logitech Harmony Elite

This is the "Touch's" big brother. Its not local. With a WiFi network set up, this remote will control your devices from anywhere in the house. It even has a smart phone/tablet app. Walked out the front door and forgot to turn the TV off. No problem, you can turn it off with your phone. How awesome is that. 

Customised Channel Icons

I will also load in customized channel icons to suit your viewing habits. This is especially useful for Foxtel. Instead of searching through the channel list, simply tap the icon and the remote will load the channel number in for you. 

It cant get any easier than this!


When I sell you one of these smart remotes,   it doesn't stop there. I will also get all your equipment's model numbers, maybe re configure your device connections (if required) and program the remote to suit your specific requirements. 

Easy on, Easy off

Want to watch TV. Grab the Logitech Harmony touch remote, tap "WATCH TV", all devices that are required to turn on will turn on with just one touch & when its time to turn off, just tap the off button and the remote will turn it all off for you. 

Got a new Device

Your remote will need to know about it. So some reprogramming will be required. That's OK, buy a remote of me & I'll give you 1 year of free programming - remotely. I can make changes to your remote online, then you connect your Smart Remote to your computer and sync, simple....

The Harmony Elite

can do more

With the Logitech Harmony Ultimate you can do more. Like using your smart phone to turn your TV off from bed because you forgot to. Or while swimming out in the pool and a great song comes on, no more running into the house to turn the volume up, you can do it from your phone or the remote as the remote is connected to your WiFi, it works through walls. Touch a button and the remote gently & quickly vibrates. It also comes with IR blasters so you can hide your equipment completely out of sight.  

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