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We install all brands in Soundbars 

Looking to get a Soundbar installed. We are specialist in Soundbar installations. We can wall mount your Soundbar, Hang it off a TV or we can do a simple Soundbar installation by installing it on top of your entertainment unit. 

There are many brands in Soundbars. They all do one thing in common, make TV sound better right! But not all Soundbars are the same and it's important to buy a Soundbar that suits your TV and your room.


At Goodwin Digital AV we can tell you which Soundbar will be right for you. 

Goodwin Digital AV sells & recommends Yamaha Soundbars

Goodwin Digital AV 

Your Local Soundbar Installation Specialist!

Standard Installation

We can install your new Soundbar quickly and corectly on top of your entertainment unit

Wall Mounting

If your Soundbar can be wall mounted, we can do it! We also hide all the cables and connect it to your wall mounted TV. 

Not all Soundbar can be wall mounted. Most new Soundbars can. Some older models cant be though. You may also find that with some brands/models you will also need a special wall mounting bracket. 

We can help you with all this. 

TV Hanging 

If you have a TV wall mounted using a full motion wall mounting bracket then hanging a Soundbar directly off your TV could be the right option for you. Turn the TV and the Soundbar turns with it! Also great for corner mounted TV's.

Goodwin Digital AV sells and recommends Yamaha Soundbars

We recommend and sell Yamaha Soundbars

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